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CiiMS Builder Certification
8 Week Program

The CiiMS solution has become fundamental in managing an effective and efficient operation for hundreds of organisations and businesses.  This necessitates that the person in the driving seat of CiiMS needs to have a thorough understand and know-how of the solution and the solutions key functionality, not only in theory but also in practice. 

Completing this certification course confirms that this individual possesses both the skills and knowledge to correctly configure and set up the solution with various use cases.  The CiiMS Builder Certification is presented over 8 weeks in multiple interactive workshops leading up to a theory and practical examination.

This Certification was developed for System Administrators, Super Users and Implementation Specialists to formally recognize their abilities and skills.  The CiiMS Builder Certification requires the successful completion of the CiiMS User and System Administrator training courses as a prerequisite.

System users will be skilled in the following areas:

  • Have a comprehensive understanding of the system and all its components.

    • Understand the Locality and Category structure.

    • Configuring Escalation Procedures, Workflows and Checklists.

    • Setting up Notification Rules and Alerts.

  • Build a comprehensive solution to an identified use case through mapping and configuration.  

    • Using the information supplied to build a functional system that addresses the elements within the use case presented.

  • Effective use of the user administrator section. 

    • Setting up Users with the required Access for their roles.

    • Setting up Scoping and Scope Profiles where required.

  • Design and set up all the Reports and Dashboards required within the specified use case.

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