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Campus Management

Campus Management extends to multiple types of environments that include areas such as Universities, Business Parks, and Retail Environments.  All these environments are focused on centralising large number of persons onto a central location developed for multiple purposes that may include work, studies, sports, recreation and even residence.  With these come various focus areas such as Security, Traffic, Maintenance, Compliance, Parking, Health & Safety, Infrastructure and many more. 


They necessitate the management of various policies, procedures, and activities to ensure the effective running of the campus.  The contracted management company and/or developers need to centralise various operational functions and data to ensure a holistic view of the operation, challenges experienced, and integration of functions.  This can be best achieved by a centralised management platform.


The key objectives in Campus Management include:

  • Physical Security Management such as Security Technologies and Incident / Occurrence Reporting

  • Security Service Provider Management including Alarm Monitoring, Service Level Agreement Management, Guarding considerations, Compliance Reporting & Non-Conformance Remediation

  • Tenant Access & Egress Control

  • Visitor Management and Integration to VMS Platforms

  • Contractor Management

  • Reporting and Management of Campus Maintenance

  • Anonymous reporting of sensitive matters such as GBV, Harassment and Assault

  • Maintenance and Facility Management including enforcement of Standard Operating Procedures and Service Level Agreements

  • Health and Safety considerations

  • Traffic Management

The CiiMS Application has been developed in collaboration with leading campus environments, to facilitate the data centralisation and management of the above objectives. With the ability to view data holistically, all objectives are seen in relation to each other, providing an all-encompassing approach to campus management.

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