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CiiMS ReportIT


CiiMS ReportIT is a reporting mechanism that can be deployed to promote and empower individuals in reporting various types of incidents, transgressions, and complaints, with the option to remain anonymous. CiiMS ReportIT is fully integrated into the CiiMS suite of products to ensure reported matters are thoroughly investigated, findings remediated whilst continuously providing updates on progress and preserving the individual’s choice to stay anonymous.

CiiMS ReportIT enables the secure capturing of key information and details related to the matter, linking of involved individuals as well as uploading of attachments. The versatility and adaptability of CiiMS ReportIT ensure requirements can be effectively addressed whilst enriching investigations and promoting successful outcomes and bringing offenders to justice.


There are numerous types of crime, transgressions, and unethical behaviour that occur daily that go unreported. These incidents are usually difficult to detect and prevent as they take place in areas, situations and circumstances where people and processes are exploited and leverage on suppressing victims and witnesses coming forward by generating fear, fuelling stigmas and by use of intimidation tactics and threats.

These crimes and incidents may include but are not limited to cases of Gender-Based Violence, Human Trafficking, Corruption, Fraud, and multiple other illegal, immoral or illegitimate practices.


Following the input from The University of Cape Town (UCT), the UCT Survivors and their recommendations for change, the Office for Inclusivity and Change (OIC)’s considered the recommendations and other best practice guidelines to improve the university’s response and prevention programmes to combat Gender-Based Violence and better support survivors at UCT.

Inspired by UCT’s requirement, Online Intelligence designed and developed a tool to allow for individuals to report cases safely and anonymously. The reporting page immediately logs an incident within our CiiMS solution from where the reported matter can be further investigated and tracked. Leveraging on the requirements and contribution of UCT’s academic, legal and specialist staff, the first version of CiiMS ReportIT was released in 2019.

Various improvements and additional features have since been added following additional requirements received from UCT as well as other clients to expand its usage across various industries and sectors.

Reporting Page

CiiMS ReportIT is a configurable web page that can be deployed to address unique requirements in facilitating the reporting of incidents, transgressions and complaints. The reporting page facilitates the effective capturing of information whilst being intuitive to navigate and easy to use. By making use of conditional escalation procedures, only relevant questions are prompted avoiding unnecessary delays and frustrations typically associated with reporting processes.

Leveraging on the powerful capabilities of the CiiMS application, CiiMS ReportIT seamlessly integrates the reports into a full incident case management solution, reducing unnecessary rework and duplication of effort and promoting prompt and swift response to the reported matters. Valuable corporate governance benefits are also gained by organisations from providing such a reporting channel to their employees as it presents the opportunity for early intervention; repeat offences; anonymous reporting and detection to address wrongdoing.


CiiMS ReportIT has been designed to provide the complainant, victim, survivor and/or witness with the option to stay anonymous yet still retaining all key information pertaining to the matter being reported.

Progress & Feedback

When the report has been submitted, a randomised and unique reference number is generated to enable future follow-ups on the progress of the incident as well as allowing the ability to submit additional information and attachments. The integration with the CiiMS Workflow process allows the investigator/caseworker to request specific information from the complainant/victim via CiiMS ReportIT, allowing them to remain anonymous should they wish to do so.

Uploading Information

The page facilitates the reporting and uploading of the following considerations and details as part of the process:

  • Basic details and particulars of the person reporting the incident or matter. Only basic particulars are retained where the person wishes to stay anonymous.

  • Details and information about the matter or incident. This also includes the ability to upload attachments of relevance such as statements, affidavits, pictures or videos to name a few examples.

  • Details and information of the persons accused in the matter or incident.

  • Details and information of the survivor/victim affected in the matter or incident.

  • Details and information of a witness to the matter or incident.

Configurable Design

The page is designed to be bespoke to the client’s requirement through the displaying of client logo’s, contact details of relevant Law Enforcement and Support Services. Each client’s unique terminology sets can be incorporated on the page through various label changes, which also includes adding guidelines and definitions that would assist the complainant in making informed decisions on their selections on the page.

This also includes the making available of Privacy Statements and Disclaimers. The page is developed to be mobile-friendly and seamlessly functions across different browsers and devices.

CiiMS Integration

Once the information is submitted it creates an incident report in CiiMS, populates the respective profiles under the profiling module and initiates notifications, workflows and processes to ensure effective management of the case. More detailed information about the CiiMS Solution is readily available.

Feedback Survey

A client-defined feedback survey can be completed by the complainant to rate the service of the department investigating the matter – they can rate in terms of feedback turnaround times, support received, professionalism, etc. The result of this survey is populated into the Checklist module of CiiMS Ops which can further generate notification, remediations and actions.

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