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Physical Security Management

The modern-day physical security landscape has undergone fundamental changes over the last decade, moving away from a manual, paper-based, and reactive approach to a technology driven proactive methodology.  With these changes, the requirement for a central management application which allows for the management of both operational and strategic objectives becomes imperative.


Physical Security Management incorporates multiple objectives which need to be considered. These objectives include:

  • Management of the Alarm and Event Monitoring process from receipt of the event, dispatch response and event finalisation from disparate technologies.

  • Management of Guarding operations including structured Incident / Occurrence Reporting, enforcing Standard Operating Procedures and Service Level Agreements

  • Compliance Reporting & Non-Conformance Remediation


The CiiMS Application provides a structured platform for the above objectives to be managed effectively. With configurability at the forefront of the application, the Physical Security Management Objectives of any organisation regardless of industry (Security & Risk Focused, Mining, Estates, Banking etc.) can be structured and managed effectively.

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