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CiiMS 7 - The New Standard in Risk Solutions

The world around us keeps changing and evolving, bringing with it the requirement to continuously adapt and adjust our way of life.  This resonates especially true for the fields of risk, security and safety, as new threats and risk continuously appear, whilst others persist or disappear over time. 


Successful businesses and organizations have learnt to stay agile and flexible to this everchanging landscape and align their operational and business practices to best navigate these factors.  This agility has brought business units and functions closer together where they can no longer operate in isolation but rather function as a coherent and collaborative unit.  This is also true in industry where different brands and companies are working together more and more, collaborating to futureproof their market positions, ensuring they stay relevant and profitable.

Over the past 20+ years, Online Intelligence, has been developing and enhancing its CiiMS solution to not only address the current requirement in industry but also pioneer the way forward, setting the new standard in Risk Management.  With the intelligent integration of functionality into a single centralized electronic management platform, adding on the advanced integration capabilities, CiiMS empowers both small businesses and international organizations to effectively and easily manage their risk landscape with agility and prowess. 

CiiMS has been developed to offer multi-national and multi-disciplinary organisations the ability to have a global solution where users can make use of CiiMS in their own language and terminologies, whilst maintaining effective records and reporting across regions and time zones.  This industry leading capability is entrenched throughout the CiiMS solution offering.  Various language packs are readily available which include English, Spanish, French, Portuguese and Arabic.

CiiMS seamlessly facilitates the management of various operational activities such as incidents, events, emergency response, alerts, inspections, audits, investigations and risk management.  These are handled in the solution via work- and process flows based on the operational escalation and flow of information.  CiiMS furthermore boasts with a wide array of existing integrations (100+) to leading technologies and solutions, allowing flexibility and versatility.  It furthermore allows the user interface to be aligned to an organisation's brand identity.

The CiiMS solution consist off the following commercial products:​

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