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Investigative Case Management

Investigations and Case Management have traditionally been a painstaking and daunting manual process due to the many procedural and administrative activities required. While the general principles and methodologies used remain unchanged, each organisation and industry have certain criteria and legal requirements which need to be met for the investigation to be considered legally compliant. With the compliance requirement, increase in volume, and scrutiny placed on these practices ever increasing, the manual approach necessitated change.

There are key objectives when conducting an investigation which need to be considered including:

  • Docket Management including the ability to add Statements, Correspondence and  Investigation Diaries (Section A, B and C)

  • Disciplinary & Prosecution Management

  • Police Case Management

  • Investigative Compliance such as Docket Inspection

  • Management of Standard Operating Procedures and Service Level Agreements linked to Investigation Complexity

  • Informant Handling and Management

  • Profiling Capability

  • Work- and Process Flow

  • Correspondence and Liaison

CiiMS Intel, has been designed over 20 years with input from industry experts to set the standard in Investigative Case Management. The application ensures that investigations are completed in line with industry and client specific requirements as CiiMS Intel allows for bespoke configuration.

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