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CiiMS Ops

CiiMS Ops provides dynamic management of day-to-day operations. It features occurrence management, integration of SOPs, checklists and inspections, technical job cards, asset management, as well as tailored reporting and dashboards.  CiiMS Ops includes a mobile app, CiiMS GO, which extends reporting and response to the full operation.


CiiMS Ops is an integrated operational application that is used to capture and manage various tasks, activities, and occurrences.  Historically this was done through maintaining various manual occurrence books and registers that were by nature limiting and cumbersome. 

CiiMS Ops offers a user friendly and dynamic way of keeping record of all operational matters and activities whilst guiding its users through the relevant procedures and actions steps.  These range from operations to guarding, health and safety to centralised control rooms where multiple client sites are monitored.​ The use cases for CiiMS Ops are endless due to its easy configuration and adaptability.

CiiMS Ops includes a mobile app solution, called CiiMS GO.  CiiMS GO is currently used by thousands of users across the world on both Apple IOS and Android.

CiiMS Ops and CiiMS GO offer a multitude of features and capabilities to empower and enable any organisation to move its operation into the digital age.

Occurrence Management

Occurrences are recorded with the aim to centralise and standardise occurrence information serving multiple purposes from accurate record keeping to promoting valuable operational insights.

Occurrences are logged electronically with a number of different variables and fields to build the structured detail of the occurrence. The system interfaces with users on all levels and has an according set of rules to guide the user through mandatory fields to correctly capture occurrence data. This process ensures the integrity of the data and also speeds up capturing and at the same time enforces standardisation.

Escalation Procedures

Policies and procedures are enforced when occurrences are captured by the use of conditional escalation procedures and workflow that govern and guide the user through the appropriate actions and responses required for the specific event.  Escalation responses can culminate into various outputs such as profiles, notifications, as well as statistical values.

Operational efficiency is promoted by only prompting the user with steps and questions relevant to the matter at hand. These escalation responses can be consolidated into various reports to identify operational patterns and trends and to remediate ineffective controls and responses.


A user defined Checklist module is provided where users can set up unlimited checklists used for inspections, checks, surveys and procedures. The response types and questions can be set according to unique requirements.

Checklists can be scheduled, automated and generated on an ad-hoc basis. Checklists ensure that operations are standardised and monitored to detect and escalate exceptions.

Assets & Job Cards

Technical call outs and repairs can be documented and assigned by using the Job Cards module.  This assists in improving management and scheduling of repairs and installations within the operation.  Quotations and progress can be uploaded to centralise all relevant information.  Scheduling of maintenance calls and tasks is possible to ensure that technology is proactively serviced and maintained to prevent and decrease unnecessary downtime.

Within the Asset Register module assets can be registered and tracked as they are used within an operation.  Maintenance and repairs can also be scheduled on the assets whilst incorporating the financial values and costs related to them which ultimately culminate into management information.

CiiMS GO Mobile App

The need for mobility and immediate communication has made the use of mobile technology key to manage any business successfully.  CiiMS GO empowers its users to create Occurrences and Checklists wherever they may find themselves and acts as an extension to the CiiMS Application. The Mobile App allows for offline reporting in areas with no network coverage.

Should a mobile user need any form of urgent assistance they will be able to trigger a SOS Activation. The details of the mobile user including their last identified location will be sent to the Signal Tower Application. 

CiiMS GO can use the location of a user device in order to send geographically relevant push notifications or trigger a Roll Call in the case of a threat or disaster. The mobile app also allows for a chat function between users on operational notifications or alerts.


Search & Analysis

Historically, occurrence book searches meant a tedious and manual exercise of trying to decipher its contents. In CiiMS Ops, searches can be conducted fast and efficiently within all fields — including free text description fields — to extract valuable information contained within.

Management Information & Reporting

CiiMS Ops fuses all the data stored within the various dimensions of the application and transposes it into management information, in the form of both text and graphical formats including graphs, grids, lists and maps, which allows the user to build managerial reports.

User defined Dashboards are a useful visualisation tool to be used for monitoring, planning and decision-making purposes. Users have the ability to view management information from various angles, which makes it possible to analyse and evaluate information accurately and effectively. The Management Information functionality provides for easy graph and report generation based on data in the database and the ability to consolidate it into structured reports that are comprehensive and valuable.     

CiiMS Ops Highlights

  • User Friendly, web-based application

  • Secure interface and integrated data security

  • Centralised management platform

  • Integration of policies and procedures

  • Valuable management information and business intelligence

  • Track and manage remedial actions

  • Real-time notifications and alerts

  • CiiMS GO Mobile App for Android and Apple mobile devices

  • Collab – Client to Client Data Sharing

  • Integration to 3rd party technologies

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