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CiiMS Docs


Document Control forms the foundation within organisations upon which compliance, accuracy, integrity, efficiency, and accountability are built.  Effective Document Control processes and procedures is an essential practice and key component within organisations to ensure that information regarding company policies and procedures are regularly reviewed, accessible to employees and aligned with the nature of the organisation. 

Document Management

CiiMS Docs is a control system used to manage the creation, review, accessibility, and distribution of company documents, automating the control and tracking of company documents. 

The system contributes to the effective management of different stages of the document lifecycle minimizing the risk of error and omissions, leading to more effective organisational management.

Controlled documents can be uploaded, linking the document to a specific document pack for grouping and categorisation purposes.

Version history is tracked and maintained on the system, making the retrieval of relevant versions available. 

Dashboards, scheduled reports and notifications are built into the solution to ensure that the latest versions of the documents are accessible and shared with employees and stakeholders.

CiiMS Docs Highlights

  • Uploading of company documents

  • Sharing of company documents according to specific user roles

  • Grouping of company documents according to department, or area of relevance

  • Revision of documents identified through the audit trail

  • Version tracking and history of the documents are available for retrieval 

  • Controlled documents remain legible through automated reference numbers

  • Notification mechanism to inform users of new document versions available

  • Visualisation of documents on dashboard which can be shared with relevant user groups

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