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Online Intelligence at a Glance

Online Intelligence (Pty) Ltd  is a market leading software and services provider, specialising in end to end, highly configurable and integrated solutions in Enterprise Risk, Security Management, Incident and Investigative Case Management as well as Event/Alarm Monitoring.

Online Intelligence was established as a partnership in 2001. Delivering on a unique value-proposition, the company rapidly went from strength to strength and in 2003 Online Intelligence Pty (Ltd) was formed.

Today, we are a leading supplier of Enterprise Risk solutions globally.

We provide our clients with an all-encompassing and integrated solution to address their unique requirements from both a software as well as a specialized services perspective.

Always dynamic, never static – our vision is to become the global leader in this field.

Customer service lies at the heart of everything we do. Through dedicated leadership and teamwork, we strive to continually deliver a hands-on, professional offering that ensures measurable results.  In order to remain true to this ethos, we constantly invest in our people and technology, ensuring exceptional and sustainable growth for our clients and stakeholders.

Our client relationships are built on trust. We believe in nurturing long-term partnerships with our clients, the result of which is enduring provision, implementation, maintenance and support of our solutions and their associated services.


Our values underpin everything we do and the manner in which we do it. They drive us, motivate us and guide us.


  • We pride ourselves on integrity

  • We are passionate about what we do

  • We are accountable - as individuals and as a team

  • We respect our colleagues, our clients and our suppliers

  • We believe in teamwork

  • Innovation distinguishes us

  • We never settle for less than service excellence

Global Footprint

Online Intelligence has a global client footprint with users in 44+ Countries, in Africa, North & South America, Middle East, Australia and Europe.  We provide solutions and support to users in English, Spanish and French.



We are pioneers with a unique offering and therefore unique products and services. Online Intelligence develops all applications in-house and perpetual innovation is the driving force behind our success.

Besides a number of broad-spectrum products and services, we apply our expertise to create bespoke solutions to address specific client needs. Furthermore, we take great pride in the fact that our experts remain entrenched in the entire process – from concept to design, implementation and after sales service.

We are world-class innovators and local market leaders with the capacity to rapidly develop and introduce new products across industry sectors.

What We Do

Knowledge is power. That’s why the respective fields of Security-, Risk-, Compliance-, and Investigations Management are becoming increasingly dependent on the development of sound intelligence, delivered through cutting-edge Information Technology.

The clout of integrated technology within these fields empower our customers to effectively manage, control and mitigate both internal and external risk factors. The risks posed by operational aspects are constantly changing and requires a focused approach that can not only keep up with, but stay ahead of the dynamic nature of these risks.

Within this arena, Online Intelligence develops innovative software applications which transform collected risk, compliance and security related information into structured intelligence. Our applications help you to structure, visualise, analyse, and manage your data on all functional and managerial levels.

Through our products and services, we strive to enable our clients to adapt an intelligence driven management approach, built on effective collection, dissemination and interpretation of information. This enables enhanced utilisation of existing infrastructure and resources and allows for the formulation and implementation of effective countermeasures and proactive risk mitigation strategies.

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