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Signal Tower

1. Background

Signal Tower is a high volume, hardware independent alarm monitoring and management system. It integrates seamlessly into third party systems such as alarm systems and CCTV and serves as a centralised task and workflow management system with online, real-time notifications and escalations.

Signal Tower is our core assimilation platform for integration into external systems. Integration protocols include TCP/IP, Serial Port and Direct Database connections.

Signal Tower receives and decodes external transmitted data into a generic event / alarm handling process where it is sanitised, categorised and stored. This process serves to create a central point from which externally generated events can be managed and analysed.


Signal Tower Diagram



2. Overview

Signal Tower integrates to most makes of hardware which includes alarm systems, guard monitoring systems, CCTV, fleet management and industrial control systems and can be connected to multiple different hardware platforms at the same time. The system is designed for high volume event processing. It allows for fast and efficient workflow and progress / performance management throughout the system, culminating in real-time dashboards, analysis and reporting.

Signal Tower seamlessly integrates with the Online Intelligence CiiMS platform, extending the system’s functionality to include disciplines such as electronic occurrence management, investigation and case management.


Signal Tower Dashboard



3. Signal Monitoring

All received signals are categorised according to severity and signal type, which might include critical, technical, and general events. Events or signals originating from operational environments - such as normal alarm systems, opening / closing times or from unique environments (temperature sensors, fluid levels) - are easily managed in a configurable control panel screen showing all new and acknowledged signals.

Per signal operations are simplified to assist further functions such as technical intervention, response, guarding, investigations or any other client-specific action.
Signal Tower allows for the efficient management and monitoring of a control room environment aiding in elevating efficiency and response times.

The system is designed to interface to all transmitter types (Internet connection, GPRS or radio transmitter) and is not limited to the number of transmitters being monitored.

Signal Tower provides detailed analytical reporting and real-time dashboards to enable decision makers to evaluate and act appropriately to situations.



4. Technical Tasking and Record Keeping

Tasks can be created for technical scheduling to allow for the planning of client services and installations. Unique reference numbers for tasks are automatically generated and the notification manager will remotely notify all resources of task assignments.


Signal Tower Event



5. Resource Dispatch and Tracking

Signal Tower has built-in capabilities to assist the assignment of resources to specific areas or according to client requirements. Resources can be dispatched if and when needed on a real-time basis.


Signal Tower Map



6. Real-time Notifications

In Signal Tower’s notification manager, rules can be set up for automated notifications based on the client’s unique requirements (e.g. key holder notification). Notifications can be sent manually to predetermined resources which include technicians, management, response officers, guards, etc.

Notifications are sent via a SMS gateway or predetermined email servers.