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CiiMS Starter


CiiMS Starter is an off the shelf electronic Occurrence Book application designed for the capturing of security occurrences and checklists. The application has been designed to provide the essential functionality required to manage a site in line with industry practices. CiiMS Starter has been packaged to be deployed swiftly within a security operation and allows for a seamless evolution to the larger CiiMS Application Suite where solutions can be configured and expanded to include various additional modules, features, and capabilities.

CiiMS Starter provides an effective and efficient point for data collection and standardization. The application assists in managing risk and loss prevention within security operations, whilst ensuring occurrences are responded to accurately and decisively; continuously growing and building a powerful dataset from which valuable business intelligence and insight can be derived by using the provided data mining and analytics tools.



Escalation Procedures

Carefully designed Escalation Procedures guide users when capturing data to ensure the appropriate information is captured in line with industry best practices. Through the use of escalation procedures, accountability can be established and management reports can be generated. Occurrence statuses can be monitored to identify occurrences that have not been completed in accordance with the prescribed escalation procedures.




The completion of Checklists is a vital part of security operations. CiiMS Starter provides you with pre-defined checklists designed to assist you with daily checks and operations. Checklist scoring assists you to determine deviances from operating procedures immediately and ensures your companies standards are met.




CiiMS Starter fuses all the data stored within the various dimensions of the application and transposes it into management information, in the form of both text and graphical formats including graphs, grids, and lists, which allows the user to build managerial reports. Pre-defined dashboards encapsulating your operational environment are a useful visualisation tool to be used for monitoring, planning, and decision-making purposes. Dashboards update automatically ensuring you always have a live view of your operations.



CiiMS Starter Benefits

  • Centralised Occurrence Database
  • Quick and Easy Set-up
  • Pre-defined Categories, Checklists and Escalation Procedures in line with Security best practice
  • Monitor up to 100 Locations
  • Live Dashboard Reporting
  • Month to Month Subscription
  • Low Set-up Fees