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CiiMS Professional


CiiMS Professional is an integrated application which is utilised to capture and manage information related to incidents, risk management, investigative and law enforcement environments.

CiiMS makes provision for a variety of modules which include an electronic occurrence book, incident- and investigation management, work- and process flow as well as modules for profiling of individuals, organisations and syndicates.

CiiMS is highly customisable and can be configured and adapted to fit into any environment to meet specific requirements.

The system is web based and makes use of a centralised database to store all system information. System administration - which includes upgrades, periodic maintenance and backups - is hereby minimised and rollout to users is simplified. The system is designed to be user friendly and easy to use.

System security is achieved using usernames and passwords as well as built-in database security mechanisms. To further extend the system’s security options, it can be set up to run securely using encryption.



Investigation Management

CiiMS Professional has a complete investigation case management module, which can also be described as a virtual docket, and allows for all the components contained in a normal hard copy investigation docket.

CiiMS Professional enables investigators to search and mine investigative data and to generate management information from it. This allows for greater flexibility and improved investigation management. As a result of the integration between system modules, it is possible to link data from other modules. This enables investigators to quickly identify related cases, suspects and incidents.

CiiMS Professional allows for tasks to be created and linked to investigations. By using the task manager, all investigative tasks can be logged and monitored. In addition, work performance of investigators and analysts can be evaluated based on tasks allocated and completed.

CiiMS has a strong case management and investigations ability whether the investigation is criminal, civil or disciplinary in nature. Work load management and tracking of investigation progress can be done with ease to ensure operational efficiency. The costs related to the investigations can be captured to further empower operational and budgetary management. Work and process flows can be set up to facilitate the unique business requirements within the environment where the system is being implemented. These work and process flows can escalate between different system operators and can be set up to have specific turn-around times. The work flow will send notifications and escalations based on pre-determined client rules.



Incident Management

Events, occurrences and incidents are recorded with the aim to centralise and standardise incident information and to subsequently identify trends and risks. All information pertaining to the event is stored in structured fields to enable data mining across the various applicable dimensions. Categorisation, geographical breakdown, root cause analysis and modus operandi, to name a few, are used to generate various analytical visualisations. Through structuring the data on the application, CiiMS empowers the operator with the ability to analyse the information in various comparisons and contexts.

Monetary values associated with incidents are stored and can be used to calculate the efficiency of current security measures, processes and procedures. All data within the incident management environment, both structured and unstructured, can be utilised to perform data mining and analysis. System administrators are able to continuously review and revise parameters on the system as their environment changes and new threats and risks are revealed.




A detailed Profiling module is included to centralise information regarding persons of interest, organisations, syndicates, vehicles and many more. This module empowers the user to discover latent relationships in multi-dimensional data. The relationships can be identified by both the system and its users. The information and relationships are visualised in the Link Analysis module. The complexity of these relationships and intricate networks are easier to understand and interpret whilst retaining the ability to plan and coordinate tactical operations and interventions.



Search and Analysis

CiiMS Professional allows the user to perform searches on all system data - structured and unstructured. It identifies links between entities where the relationship is qualified. Although the different search options allow for fast and efficient searching of data, it is also an important part of the analytical process.



Risk Assessment

CiiMS has a complete Risk Assessment module to proactively identify risks. Where findings are made during the assessment process, remedial actions can be created to ensure that the identified risks are addressed. The activities and actions are documented and any applicable documentation or evidence can be uploaded and attached. The remedial actions are aligned to the client’s business processes and approvals. The ability to track action close-outs and turnaround times, forms a crucial part service delivery.



Management Information System

CiiMS Professional integrates all the data stored within the various dimensions of the application to build managerial reports. These include profiling, incident and investigation management information as well as the ability to link entities within a specific context to construct graphs. The properties of these graphs are changeable, e.g. bar, line and pie charts.

Management Information functionality makes provision for management information on occurrences, incidents, tasks, informant-handling and investigations and can be further extended.

Operators have the ability to view management information from various angles which makes it possible to analyse and evaluate information accurately and effectively. Graphs generated can be saved and can be incorporated into external reports.

Management Information functionality provides for easy and quick report generation based on information in the database and the ability to consolidate it into structured intelligence reports that is comprehensive and functional. These reports can in turn be used by management for planning and decision making purposes.



Link Analysis

CiiMS Link Analysis is an integrated module to empower intelligence analysts, law enforcement agents, investigators, researchers and information workers by providing a simple-to-use visualisation platform.

Using this module you will gain valuable insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data and it will allow you to maximise the value of your data.



CiiMS Professional Highlights

  • A central repository of incidents, profiles and investigation management data
  • Improved awareness and coherence amongst users in pursuit of common objectives
  • A facility to search and analyse captured and acquired data using defined functions
  • An ability to link captured data logically
  • Analysis capabilities on a centralised database
  • Adequate and accurate management information - text based and graphic
  • Minimised administration by means of a web based implementation model
  • Data and information security