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CiiMS Lite


CiiMS Lite is an integrated Occurrence Book application system that is used to capture and manage occurrence related information in environments where manual occurrence books and registers are used.

These range from operations to guarding and other related activities to centralised control rooms where multiple client sites are monitored.

CiiMS Lite makes provision for integration to other systems - such as alarm monitoring systems - through the use of industry standard infrastructure. It can be configured and adapted to fit into almost any operational environment.



Occurrence Management

Occurrences are recorded with the aim to centralise and standardise occurrence information and to subsequently identify trends and risks. These can be identified based on the geographical breakdown of the client’s site and can also be utilised to conduct hotspot analysis. All data within the occurrence management environment - both structured and unstructured - can be used to perform data mining and analysis.

Occurrences are logged electronically with a number of different variables and fields to build the structured detail of the occurrence. The system interfaces with users on all levels and has an according set of rules to guide the user through mandatory fields to correctly capture occurrence data. This process ensures the integrity of the data and also speeds up capturing and at the same time enforces standardisation.

Through access levels within the system, a management workflow structure is supported and allows for different levels of users to only access dimensions relevant to their functional levels. Power Users are able to continuously review and revise parameters on the system as their environment and operational requirements change.

The system is web based and makes use of a centralised database to store all system information. System administration – which includes upgrades, periodic maintenance and backups – is hereby minimised and rollout to users simplified. CiiMS Lite can be installed in a stand-alone environment with a single user or in a networked environment where multiple users use the same system. The system is designed to be user friendly and easy to use.

System security is achieved using usernames and passwords linked to specific roles and rights as well as built-in database security mechanisms. To further extend the system’s security options, it can be set up to run securely using encryption.



Escalation Procedures

To make sure that occurrences are treated in accordance with their severity, individual occurrence types can be linked to unique and customisable escalation procedures. Once a controller logs an occurrence of a specific occurrence type, a response has to be submitted for each of these escalation procedure steps.

This response automatically records the date and time, as well as the controller’s name. Through the use of escalation procedures, accountability can be established and management reports can be generated.

Occurrence statuses can be monitored to identify occurrences that have not been completed in accordance with the prescribed escalation procedures. CiiMS Lite can automatically inform you when occurrences of certain types occur. Depending on the severity of the occurrence being loaded, electronic notifications, via e-mail or SMS, can be sent to a predefined list of users or even clients.



Management Information

CiiMS Lite integrates all the data stored within the various dimensions of the application and transposes it into management information, in both text and graphical formats, which allows the user to build managerial reports.

Dashboards can be configured and incorporated into interactive displays available to users based on system access. Dashboards are a useful tool to be used by management for planning and decision making purposes.

The properties of statistical graphs are changeable, e.g. bar, line and pie charts. Users have the ability to view management information from various angles which makes it possible to analyse and evaluate information accurately and effectively.

The Management Information functionality provides for easy graph and report generation based on data in the database and the ability to consolidate it into structured intelligence reports that is comprehensive and readable.



Search and Analysis

Historically, occurrence book searches meant a tedious and manual exercise of trying to decipher its contents. In CiiMS Lite, searches can be conducted fast and efficiently within all fields - including free text description fields - to extract valuable information contained within.




A user defined Checklist module is provided where users can set up unlimited checklists used for inspections, checks, surveys and procedures. The response types and questions can be set according to unique requirements. Checklists can be scheduled, automated and generated on an ad-hoc basis. Checklists ensure that operations are standardised and monitored to detect and escalate exceptions.



CiiMS Lite highlights

  • E-mail and SMS notification of critical occurrences
  • Adequate and accurate management information - text based and graphic
  • Integrated capabilities to search and analyse captured and acquired data
  • Simple and easy to use interface
  • Process driven occurrence management
  • Minimised administration by means of a web based implementation model
  • Secure interface and integrated data security
  • Customised occurrence checklists and escalation processes and procedures